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I'm a singer and actor specializing in an intimate approach to classic repertoire from Latin America. I've performed in a wide range of genres, from movement theater and performance art to traditional storytelling and chamber opera.

Here's a quick summary of my performing life:

Late 1980's - Trained as a singer, composer, and actor at Oberlin Conservatory and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Received various awards while in college: Telluride Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship, President's Undergraduate Fellowship, Dance and Dramatic Arts Scholarship, William R. Reardon Award.

1990-1993 - Appeared in various storytelling festivals and performance art venues; played the EmCee in "Cabaret"; worked with Jerry Pearson of the Santa Barbara Dance Theater.

1993-1995 - Collaborated with Thomas Sepe on an original movement theater piece called "Taken By The Faeries" which we toured around the United States. This show received numerous honors, including a Charles Cinnamon Award from the National Foundation For The Arts and a Santa Barbara Independent Award.

1995-1998 - Worked with Johnny Moses learning about the living story and song traditions of Pacific Northwest First Nations peoples; presented various pieces at 848 Community Space in San Francisco.

1998 - Worked with Sigfrido Aguilar at the Estudio Busqueda de Pantomima-Teatro in Guanjuanto, Mexico. Studied Cuban popular songs with the great baritone Hugo Barreira, which began my love affair with Latin American music.

1998-2000 - Studied storytelling in several residencies with Laura Simms and Angela Lloyd. Studied vocal improvisation with Dave Worm and song interpretation with Faith Winthrop.

2000 - Met my partner Juan Alejandro who immigrated to the United Status from Colombia. Through him and his family, I discovered - and fell completely in love with - popular songs from all over South America. My favorites continue to be pasillos and bambucos.

Began studying vocal technique with Jane Sharp. Also studied song interpretation with Wesla Whitfield and Latin American repertoire with Maria Marquez.

2008 - Participated in a yearlong program in "Sound Voice and Music Healing" with Sylvia Nakkach at the California Institute for Integral Studies.

2009 - Appeared in a drag musical version of "The Women" for a five-week run at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco, playing wonderful quick-change character roles including Little Mary and Miriam.

2009 - Began studying with my current voice coach, Cecilia Engelhart. Our focus has been Latin American popular and folkloric songs, which I often end up transcribing from recordings. Appeared as a guest in several shows given by the great Cuban pianist Madi Barrena.

2010 - Participated in "All The Way In", a year-long masterclass with Rhiannon, a brilliant vocal improviser and teacher. I've continued to study and perform with her ever since.

2011 - Spent a week in Havana learning songs from a wonderful guitarist and singer named Jose Miguel Baeza Merida.

2012 - Released my first CD, "Arboles y Amores", a collaboration with guitarist Rafael Manriquez, clarinetist Zack Pitt-Smith, and horn player Henry Hung.

2012 - Formed the Florecer ensemble with Jeremy Allen, Zack Pitt-Smith, and Rafael Manriquez, and performed at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco.

2013 - Released a second CD, "Diamantes en la Grama", with the Florecer ensemble. Performed with Rhiannon's All The Way In singers at Asilomar.

2014 - Performed as a guest in a show with the Yeye Suarez Ensemble.

2015 - Performed with Lichi Fuentes at DueStudio as part of an evening of songs by Silvio Rodriguez. Also performed with Lichi in the First Annual Rafael Manriquez Memorial Festival at the La Peña in Berkeley.